Journey to the cross

Welcome to our guided prayer walk through the Journey to the Cross, part of our Palm Sunday celebration event.  We hope this evening will give you space to reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion in a unique and meaningful way.  Just a couple notes before you begin:


The stations are designed to be quiet and contemplative. Children are welcome and encouraged and not expected to be silent. However, please try and use this as a chance to help them understand what Jesus went through. Discourage any rough-housing or running ahead without you, since some spaces are set up in close quarters. We don't want anyone to get lost or injured. 


Take your time – there is no need to rush through the stations. If someone behind you is going faster than you are, simply allow them to pass through the station ahead of you. 


Some stations are interactive. If you feel uncomfortable participating in the the activity, please feel free to simply watch or reflect and then move on to the next station.


The stations are designed to be visited in order, so please follow the arrows. You will begin through the nursery foyer and end in the Riley Center chapel.


The station instructions will be posted in each room, but they are identical to the instructions on this mobile guide.

station #1

Nursery Foyer

station #2

Infant Nursery

station #3

Toddler Nursery

station #4

Toddler Nursery

station #5

enter the Riley Center through the west side playground door

station #6

RC 105

station #7

RC 103

station #8

RC 104

station #9

RC 106

station #10

east side of the chapel

Thank you

Thank you for participating in this year's Journey to the Cross. Please return to the Life Center as we celebrate with more worship and a fellowship dinner. Weather permitting, our egg hunts will follow.

These stations were inspired by re:think worship and adapted for our context. We thank them for sharing resources freely for the glory of God.